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Colloquium: “The Supreme Court’s Dirty Little Secret: Originalism in Canadian Jurisprudence”

22 February 2017 • 1145h 22 February 2017 • 13hSalon François-Chevrette

Dr. Leonid Sirota of the Aukland University of Technology (NZ) will visit Université de Montréal to discuss the role of originalism in the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence. Amongst the fundamental assumptions underlying the practice of Canadian constitutional interpretation is the belief that originalism – whether directed at the original intentions, expected applications, meaning or understanding – […] Read more


Justice Marc Nadon Visits UdeM

1 December 2016 • 1145h

The Common Law Group is pleased to join with the Runnymede Society in hosting the Honourable Marc Nadon, Justice of the Court of Appeal of Canada will visit the Université de Montréal on Thursday, December 1.  Justice Nadon’s speech will be entitled “Judging and the Rule of Law.”   Admission is free. Please register here.   […] Read more


Common Law Colloquium: Constitutional Principles

9 November 2016 • 11:45 13:00Salon François-Chevrette

November 9 Constitutional Principles Professor Han-Ru Zhou Université de Montréal Principles cut across modern legal traditions; they are one of the most fundamental notions in law; they base our legal reasoning; they pervade our legal discourse. However, with a few notable exceptions, most dating back several decades, there have been surprisingly few legal studies in […] Read more


Colloquium: Regulating the Platform Economy

28 September 2016 • 11:30Salon François-Chevrette

September 28 Regulating the Platform Economy Professor Derek McKee Université de Sherbrooke Professor McKee will examine the legal and policy debates surrounding online peer-to-peer platforms for rentals and services, focusing on Airbnb and Uber. Although such platforms have contravened the law in many jurisdictions, they remain extremely popular and have called into question a great […] Read more


Justice Antonin Scalia : sa vie, sa mort, son legs

17 February 2016 • 11h30Salon François-Chevrette, Faculty of Law, Université de Montréal

Le décès soudain du juge américain Antonin Scalia suscite déjà de nombreuses réactions. Éminent juriste, qui s’est notamment démarqué par ses philosophies de « textualism » et de « originalism », son départ soulève une incertitude relative à l’état du droit dans plusieurs domaines, dont l’avortement, le contrôle des armes à feu, le financement politique et syndical, la discrimination positive et […] Read more