Conference: Supreme Courts and the Common Law

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Join us for a conference examining the influence of supreme courts on the development of the common law. Participants will discuss how the institutional position of supreme courts causes them to shape the common law; and conversely how the traditions of the common law shape the way supreme courts conceive of their role. Leading academics from around the common-law world will address this overarching theme in three different contexts: first, the particular characteristics of the supreme courts of several selected jurisdictions; second, the influence if any of constitutionalism and bills of rights on supreme courts’ relationships to the common law; and third, how supreme courts around the common law-world have treated core concepts such as causation, restitution, good faith and property.


The opening adress will be given by the Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin, PC, Chief Justice of Canada.  Other speakers include leading academics from around the Commonwealth and the United States.


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