Common Law Colloquium: Constitutional Principles

November 9 Constitutional Principles Professor Han-Ru Zhou Université de Montréal Principles cut across modern legal traditions; they are one of the most fundamental notions in law; they base our legal reasoning; they pervade our legal discourse. However, with a few notable exceptions, most dating back several decades, there have been surprisingly few legal studies in […] Read more


When Rights Collide: Trinity Western v. The Law Societies

October 12 When Rights Collide: Trinity Western v. The Law Societies PROFESSOR MATTHEW P HARRINGTON UNIVERSITÉ DE MONTRÉAL The first 35 years of Charter jurisprudence has largely been devoted to defining the limits of Charter freedoms in relation to government action.  That is to say, most cases have concerned claims that the government has infringed […] Read more


Colloquium: Regulating the Platform Economy

September 28 Regulating the Platform Economy Professor Derek McKee Université de Sherbrooke Professor McKee will examine the legal and policy debates surrounding online peer-to-peer platforms for rentals and services, focusing on Airbnb and Uber. Although such platforms have contravened the law in many jurisdictions, they remain extremely popular and have called into question a great […] Read more


Professor Konstantia Koutouki Addresses 84e Congrès de l’Association francophone pour le savoir

Professor Konstantia Koutouki addressed the 84th Congress of the Association francophone pour le savoir held at the Université du Québec à Montreal, on Wednesday, May 11.  Professor Koutouki appeared on a panel entitled, Les institutions internationales au service de l’extractivisme.  The title of her presentation was “L’influence de la norme ITIE (Initiative pour la transparence dans […] Read more