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Professor Harrington’s Article on Language Rights

Professor Matthew Harrington has recently published an article in the Supreme Court Law Review entitled, “Language Rights and the Political Question Doctrine.”  Here is the abstract: Language Rights and the Political Compromise Doctrine (2017) 78 S.C.L.R. (2d) 275 This article will explore the progress of language rights jurisprudence in the Supreme Court. Specifically, it will focus […] Read more


Colloquium: “The Supreme Court’s Dirty Little Secret: Originalism in Canadian Jurisprudence”

Dr. Leonid Sirota of the Aukland University of Technology (NZ) will visit Université de Montréal to discuss the role of originalism in the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence. Amongst the fundamental assumptions underlying the practice of Canadian constitutional interpretation is the belief that originalism – whether directed at the original intentions, expected applications, meaning or understanding – […] Read more