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Law practise has increasingly global dimensions.  Successful professionals need to be familiar will a variety of legal rules and systems if they are to succeed in our multi-jurisdictional society.  For those preparing to enter legal practise, having concrete training in both common and civil law is a must for future practitioners and jurists.

The Université of Montréal’s JD in Common Law is designed to provide a firm foundation in the substantive and procedural rules of the common law system.

Taught by professors with experience in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the United States, this one-year programme provides participants with an education that will provide unique advantages for those entering the legal market as well as established professionals who want to enhance their current knowledge and credentials.

Successful completion of the programme qualifies graduates for admission to the bar in the common law provinces as well as New York and a number of American states.

PrograM CuRriculum | ADmissions and applications

Admissions requirements

Admission to the JD programme is governed by the regulations of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and by the following provisions:

1. Conditions of Admission
To be admitted to the JD programme an applicant must:

  • satisfy the general conditions of admissability (section XI) of the Règlement pédagogique de la Faculté des études supérieures et postdoctorales
  • hold a first law degree from the Faculté de droit de l’Université de Montréal or its equivalent from another Canadian university
  • demonstrate competence for study in both English and French.

2. Status
Students may enroll for either full or part-time study.

3. Enrollment
Students must be enrolled for a minimum of two terms up to a maximum of twelve terms (four years) following initial enrollment.  Enrollment may be extended for an additional year in exceptional circumstances with permission of the dean.

Course requirements

Requirements for the JD degree require successful completion of 32 credits as follows:


DRT 6565  Fundamentals of Common Law

DRT 6566  Contract

DRT 6567  Torts

DRT 6568  Real Property

DRT 6569  Civil Procedure

DRT 6583 Ethics & Professional Responsibility


DRT 6570  Commercial Law: Sales

DRT 6571  Commercial Law: Security Interests in Personal Property

DRT 6572  Remedies

DRT 6573  Trusts

DRT 6584  Practice & Procedure Workshop

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