New Perspectives on Indigenous Private Law

An On-Line Conference
Thursday – Friday December 3-4, 2020

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Panel 1 : The Integration of Indigenous Law into Legal Education and Practice

3.00 pm EST ■ 8.00 pm GMT ■ 10.00 pm SA ■ 7.00 am AUS ■ 9.00 am NZ

Bridget Fa’amatuainu and Christopher Whitehead
Indigenising Private Law: Lessons from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Samoa
Eleanor Crossman (Isle of Man Courts)
Manx Customary Law as Indigenous Law: A New Perspective
Olubukola Olugasa (Babcock)
Equity in Yoruba Customary Law in Nigeria: A Critical Review
Jennifer Corrin (Queensland)
Crossing the Border from Custom to Contract: Legal Pluralism and Pacific Islands’ Contract Laws

Friday, December 4, 2020

Panel 2 : Property Law: Customary Norms in the Law of Succession

6.00 am EST ■ 11.00 am GMT ■ 1.00 pm SA ■ 10.00 pm AUS ■ 12.00 am NZ

Christa Rautenbach (NWU)
State Intervention in the Customary Law of Succession in South Africa:
What Remains of Customary Norms?

Taiwo Odumosu (Nicosia) & Fatimah Opebiyi (Manchester)
To what extent has the Yoruba Culture survived Neoliberalism?
Prue Vines (UNSW)
Australia’s (Slow) Experiment with Indigenous Customary Law in Intestacy

Panel 3 : Land Law

9.00 am EST ■ 2.00 pm GMT ■ 4.00 pm SA ■ 1.00 am AUS ■ 3.00 am NZ

Tenille Brown (Ottawa)
Indigenous Property, Gender and International Human Rights Norms in the Kingdom of Eswatini
Asya Ostroukh (UWI)
Native Title to Land in the Caribbean: A Long History of Recognition

Panel 4 : Recognising the Validity of Indigenous Law

11.00 am EST ■ 4.00 pm GMT ■ 6.00 pm SA ■ 3.00 am AUS ■ 5.00 am NZ

Enyinna Nwauche (UFH)
African Traditional Justice Mechanisms and the Adjudication of
Private Law Disputes
Frankie Young (Western)
The Validity of Indigenous Laws: Lessons from Wet’suwet’en

Panel 5 : Private Law Issues in Advancing Indigenous Economies

1.00 pm EST ■ 6.00 pm GMT ■ 8.00 pm SA ■ 5.00 am AUS ■ 7.00 am NZ

Mark Roark (SULC)
Scaling Commercial Law in Indian Country
Adam Crepelle (SULC)
Tribal Private Law: The Key to Revitalizing Tribal Economies
Dwight Newman (Sask) & Nnaemeka Ezeani (Sask)
Reforming Secured Finance in the Context of Indigenous Legal Systems in Canada, the United States, and Nigeria
Andrew Hutchison (UCT)
Third Sector Finance in Indigenous Economies

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